Kamote (Youtube Karaoke)

Enjoy karaoke from Youtube by your smartphone to Android TV pro


Kamote is mobile app to enjoy karaoke from Youtube professionally by your smartphone and Android TV with hot, latest songs and sometime not published officially. Kamote (2 in 1) is setup on smartphone as remote control (Kamote RC) and on Android TV as receiver (Kamote TV), your home will be an entertainment center. Kamote supports any kind of Android TV with version 4.0 or more. Kamote TV and Kamote RC must use same WIFI. It's free.
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- Playing Karaoke by smartphone and Android TV
- Transmit list of songs to Android TV
- Score, comment and rating
- basic media remote control
- Security option
- Sleep timer
- Saving playing song to device or delete
- Skip Ad


1. Install Kamote to Android TV as Kamote TV
2. Install Kamote to SmartPhone as Kamote RC
3. set IP Address of Kamote TV to Kamote RC on SmartPhone.
4. Make sure Kamote RC and Kamote TV use same WIFI. We can test connection by Kamote RC.
5. On Kamote RC, open Youtube, select song(s) and click icon Share. Select Kamote icon in the list just displayed.
6. The song(s) will be added to queue of Kamote TV (Karaoke mode). We can do basic control tasks.
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Google Play

Apple Store: coming soon (March 2016)